The Next Best Thing 2013: Part 2

Klehm’s Song Sparrow Farm and Nursery

A long time ago I visited the New York Flower Show in Manhattan and was seduced by a beautiful peony from Klehm Nursery.  The New York Flower Show may be defunct, but for twenty years and counting I’ve been a Klehm plant groupie.

The nursery specializes in and hybridizes peonies and daylilies but it has also been my go-to place for fabulous woody ornamentals and perennials.  Here are some of my 2013 picks:

Paeonia 'Guardian of the Monastery'

Paeonia ‘Guardian of the Monastery’

Tree Peony, Paeonia ‘Guardian of the Monastery’, is a vision with dazzling flowers  in shades of mauve and lavender with purple flares.  From spring to fall, Klehm ships these 3-to-4 year old woodies in pots.  (Note:  I’m delighted that apart from daylilies and herbaceous peonies all of Klehm’s plants are shipped in their containers.)  Zones 4-8.





Clematis 'Omoshiro'

Clematis ‘Omoshiro’

Clematis ‘Omoshiro’, has large, 5-7 inch, lightly fragrant, pale-pink flowers with a dark-pink edge and reverse.  I am surprised that the name Omoshiro means amusing, interesting.  In this case, don’t you think WOWIE! is more apt?  The plants are two-year-old trellised vines that will probably bloom the first season.  (That’s my experience with Klehm clematis, not a Klehm guarantee.)  Zones 4-9.




Pinus cembra 'Big Blue'

Pinus cembra ‘Big Blue’

Pinus cembra ‘Big Blue’, is a dense, slow growing, showy, evergreen conifer with long blue needles.  I am very fond of blue plants and the birds love conifers. A win, win.  Zones 2-8.







x Heucherella 'Gold Zebra'

x Heucherella ‘Gold Zebra’

x Heucherella ‘Gold Zebra’ is a ground-cover or edging plant sporting gold leaves splashed with dark red swirls.  There are white flowers in the spring, but this shade perennial is all about the foliage.  Zones 4-9.




Klehm’s 2013 catalog can be easily accessed by clicking on this blog’s LINKS.